I wish to express a huge thanks to you and the team at Alphatech for all of your hard work. I needed a new tablet that would allow me to work from anywhere, including taking client instructions at their home addresses. I needed something that was light and small enough to carry, but robust with a big screen and keyboard- I was asking for the impossible right? Wrong. I received a call from you to go through my options, including safe and secure back up and encryption. I felt like you truly understood my business and what I needed and you explained the technology to me in a way that I could understand. Your team then sourced me an amazing Microsoft Surface which fit my requirements perfectly. Although I was excited to receive my new toy, I was dreading the thought of having to transfer emails and documents and install software such as Microsoft Office 365. However, to my amazement, when I collected my tablet it was ready to go with nothing for me to do! Not only that but Neil also installed the backup and encryption software and Microsoft Office onto my mobile phone and desktop computer. I thought this would mean that my computer would be unusable for hours while a barrage of techy minions tirelessly downloaded all of the software. Not with Alphatech! This was all done remotely, and I was contacted throughout to make sure it was being carried out at times that suited me with minimum disruption to my business. Neil even arranged for my daily document backup to be done at a convenient time that would not impact upon my work. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and no question was left unanswered. The service that I received from the Alphatech team was outstanding and I cannot thank you all enough for making the process so simple for me. It was something I had put off for a long time, but I now have complete peace of mind that all of my important documents are safe and secure. I would highly recommend Alphatech to any business looking for hassle free IT services. – How would you describe our performance overall?

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